Thursday, February 26, 2009

How we made a different “Golden Ve-Chic Pau”

Figure 1: “Golden Ve-Chic Pau”
Figure 2: Example of pumpkin skin pau
Figure 3: Example of bbq chicken pau

It's easy!!! Golden Ve-Chic Pau is actually a pau with the fresh vegetables and lean chicken!
It is done by mixing the lean bbq chicken with the vegetables such as diced cucumber, carrot, yam bean for the filling of pau.
For the skin of pau as we can see here is golden colour, it is made of pumpkin.

Have you try before?


  1. weird pau... where could i have a taste of it?

  2. is healthy pau ma....tis is just an idea to modify its ingredients to a more nutritious pau.
    ya...the appearance is also important...
    we will try to improve it if we really make a real pau.